Ear Piercing

Inverness® Corporation
Inverness® Corporation develops and produces the BFlymd ear piercing collections for its international market, with a distribution in more than 46 countries. Inverness® Corporation was founded in the US in 1974 following the invention of a safe, quick and sterile system for piercing the ears. Inverness® is the trusted ear piercing system in jewelery stores, department stores, salons, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and piercing shops in over 40 countries worldwide.

Safety & hygiene
Inverness® is the only ear piercing system in which the earring is fully enclosed and hidden in a protective capsule. To guarantee maximum safety and hygiene, the earring is released only the precise moment that the ear is pierced. No risk of harm or contamination!
USA Patent 4,030,507 and 5,007,918

Silent, delicate, precise & reliable
Inverness® is also the first system to combine hand pressure and an encapsulated earring. This ensures a smooth, silent, precise and delicate ear piercing procedure, practically painless, the ideal system to use on young children. Piercing with Inverness is simple and quick. To remove the empty capsule, just press the button and it is automatically ejected, no need to touch it.

Where is the earring?
In the Inverness® system, the earring cannot be seen! It is 100% encapsulated. This eliminates many sources of contamination. The best earrings for a delicate piercing To ensure a very precise, delicate and almost painfree ear piercing, all Inverness earrings have a very thin post, 0.73mm, and a sharp tip. Another advancement in safety and technology is the unique non-adjustable ‘‘Safety Clutch’’. This design provides the proper amount of space between the ear and the earring and protects the wearer from the tip of the earring. USA Patent 6,074,406

Inverness® patented safety backsTM
This unique patented earring back promotes safer healing by shielding the sharp piercing tip and preventing the back from being squeezed too tight to the ear. Inverness® patented Safety BacksTM on all our earrings are made of medical grade stainless steel and are also available with 24 kt gold plated finish.


Biocompatible hypoallergenic earrings
Not all metals ar the same, some are more biocompatible than others. Inverness® earrings are manufactured using Steralloy® or Titanium and offer a plate finishing in 24K Gold or Palladium. All earrings comply with E/2004/96 Nickel Directive.

Protective packaging
All Inverness earrings are packaged in practical protective Cassettes. Every Cassette contains a pair of earrings loaded in individual capsules and sealed in separate compartments.
USA Patent 6,571,956